Subgraph Hosting Service Launches, Making Decentralization Easier

• Chainstack has launched a hosted service for collections of Web3 data known as “subgraphs.”
• The Graph will eventually require creators to migrate subgraphs to a decentralized network and shut down its hosted service.
• Chainstack Subgraphs provides transparent pricing, integration of many blockchain networks, and easy indexing/discovery for subgraph developers.

Chainstack Launches Hosted Service for Web3 Data

Blockchain data provider Chainstack has announced the launch of Chainstack Subgraphs, a hosted service for collections of Web3 data known as “subgraphs”. This service allows developers to create and post subgraphs for a fee.

The Graph Network Shifting To Decentralized Model

Subgraphs are open-source APIs that query blockchains for data and sort it in particular ways. They became widely used after the launch of The Graph Network in 2020, which featured some centralized elements including its free hosted service provided by the developer. However, The Graph team recently said they would require creators to migrate their subgraphs to the decentralized network instead and will shut down the hosted service.

Benefits Of Chainstack Subgraphs

Chainstack Subgraphs intends to provide an easy way for subgraph developers to migrate their APIs off the old The Graph hosted service. Compared to the decentralized model, this new service provides three main benefits: transparent pricing in fiat currency instead of tokens; integration of many blockchain networks; and easy indexing/discovery for mid-tier or small-tier subraph developers.

Why Is This Change Beneficial?

The shift from a centralized model towards decentralization is beneficial because it ensures that users have more control over their data and information is shared securely without any single party having access or control over it all. This also makes it harder for malicious actors to manipulate or censor information, which is important when dealing with sensitive user data or financial transactions on blockchain networks.


By offering an easier way to transition away from The Graph’s hosted services, Chainstack Subraphs helps ensure that users maintain secure access and control over their own data while still benefiting from powerful tools such as subraph APIs that make sorting through large amounts of blockchain information easier than ever before.