HK Govt Stablecoin to Compete with Tether, USD Coin: Advocates

• Advocates propose for Hong Kong government to issue a stablecoin pegged to the Hong Kong dollar.
• The report claims that this would solidify Hong Kong’s leadership in blockchain sector and improve the digital HKD.
• This stablecoin could compete with Tether & USD Coin and would enhance the efficiency, inclusiveness, stability, freedom of exchange & security of financial system.

Proposal for Hong Kong Government Stablecoin

Crypto and blockchain advocates have called for the Hong Kong government to issue a stablecoin pegged to its currency as part of efforts to strengthen its digital economy. According to an English translation of a July 3 report from four individuals tied to financial innovation, issuing an HKDG (Hong Kong Dollar Government) stablecoin could help support crypto and blockchain leadership efforts while enhancing transaction efficiency, reducing costs, and improving payment systems.

Benefits of Stablecoin

The report argued that the proposed stablecoin not only helps to solidify Hong Kong’s leadership in the blockchain sector but also propels the progress of the digital Hong Kong dollar. It claimed that this could enhance the efficiency and inclusiveness of its financial system by increasing stability, freedom of exchange, high security, openness, and cross-border liquidity. Such features can help support a wider range of financial innovations.

Competition with Tether & USD Coin

The authors highlighted how their proposal could challenge Tether (USDT) market dominance as well as USDC (USD Coin). The report noted how Hong Kong’s foreign exchange reserves totaled roughly $430 billion as of March 2023 – significantly more than both coins combined market capitalization at that time. Therefore they see this move as necessary if they are serious about promoting crypto and blockchain technology within their region.

Previous Plan Was Too Conservative

The paper also criticized previous plans from private institutions where they were encouraged to issue stablecoins pegged to HKD was “too conservative” compared with what is needed for advancing cryptocurrency adoption within their region . They felt it was important for them take initiative on this since it will directly benefit them instead having other companies do it on behalf instead .


This report shows just how much potential there is when it comes to using cryptocurrencies like Tether or USD Coin within different markets worldwide . It is clear that many regions are now looking into creating their own versions which is why we should expect more governments following suit soon . By doing so , these countries can reap all benefits associated with digital currencies while also protecting themselves against any economic downturns or other unforeseen circumstances .