Bitcoin-Backed Real Estate Investment Now Offers Cayman Islands Residency

• The Cayman Islands is offering permanent residency to Bitcoin (BTC) holders who invest over $2.4 million in real estate.
• Bitcoin banking firm Ledn has partnered with local real estate agency Parallel to provide crypto-backed loans for buyers and sellers.
• Leveraging BTC holdings as collateral without selling a portion can be beneficial if the value of the asset increases over time.

Cayman Islands Offering Permanent Residency to Bitcoin Holders

The Cayman Islands is now offering permanent residency to those who buy real estate worth over $2.4 million by using their Bitcoin (BTC). This provides an avenue for crypto users to use their funds to obtain real estate “golden visas”, which would grant them permanent residency on the islands.

Ledn & Parallel Partnership

Bitcoin financial services firm Ledn, which is registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority as a virtual assets service provider (VASP), has partnered with local real estate agency Parallel to provide crypto-backed loans for buyers and sellers in order to facilitate cryptocurrency-based property sales in the Cayman Islands. Those using this service will be able to finance purchases of real estate completely fiat free, while also exercising the option of paying for a property with cryptocurrency or fiat currency through Parallel.

Benefits of Crypto-Backed Loans

Ledn CEO Adam Reeds highlighted a potential draw card in that investors can leverage their BTC holdings as collateral without selling a portion, meaning that if or when BTC goes up, your loan-to-value ratio goes down and both your house and asset you’re borrowing against are increasing in value simultaneously.

FATF Regulations

This partnership could help open up opportunities for more cryptocurrency based transactions within FATF regulations, as it provides an avenue for customers looking to make large investments into real estate without needing cash upfront and instead being able touse digital assets such as bitcoin as collateral for loans from Ledn if needed.


The partnership between Ledn and Parallel looks set to offer many advantages for people looking to invest into properties in the Cayman Islands with stability being one of its main benefits due its registration with CIMA as a VASP ensuring regulatory compliance with FATF regulations globally. It looks like this new opportunity may just be what people need now more than ever before especially during these unprecedented times we are living through currently