Robots like bitvestment

3 – An Easy to Use Robot
Most people now know what crypto-currencies are and even know some popular currencies. But when it comes to crypto trading, many are clueless and look for services like bitvestment to help them. The latter was created for this type of trader, and as you will notice in the “Account Opening” section, anyone can use the platform.

Everything has been made simple and smooth, including account verification from and the deposit process, all to allow anyone to get started with cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to trading, the system is fully automated and designed to work autonomously while you focus on your other activities. You may need to step in from time to time to adjust your settings or manage your account.

With trading robots like bitvestment, it only takes about 20 minutes a day to set up the robot and monitor your positions.

4 – Margin Trading
The value of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin has exploded in recent years and they have become too expensive for many individuals. But this is not a problem with bitvestment as it allows you to trade CFDs, a derivative product that tracks the value of the underlying asset.

CFDs allow you to trade with leverage, which allows you to increase the size of your positions beyond the amount you deposit in bitvestment.

Among bitvestment’s CFD broker partners, you can benefit from leverage of up to 1:4000, which means you control 4000 times more of what you have in capital. In this case, if the price of Bitcoin is $40,000, you would only need $10 margin to buy it. So if the price rises to $41,000, the $1,000 profit is yours in full, even if you only had $10 margin.

CFDs and Leverage: A word of caution

But beware. High leverage can also be very risky given the volatility of crypto markets.

In the example above, if the price of bitcoin falls to just $39,900, not only will your balance be depleted, but you could theoretically be in debt to the broker. The broker usually closes your positions when your balance drops to zero. Crypto markets are known to be very volatile, so despite the potentially high returns, we advise you to use low leverage.

It is important to note that leverage has a limit of 1:30 in Europe for regulated broker subsidiaries in that continent.


5 – Low Fees

bitvestment only charges you on the profits you make, and only a 2% commission. Hedge funds have been known to charge up to 20% commission on profits, so it’s no wonder investors are looking for alternatives!

You should also be aware that there are no additional transaction fees despite the huge number of trades made each day. Nor are there any hidden charges that are sometimes added without your knowledge, such as account maintenance fees, inactivity fees, etc. Even deposits and withdrawals are free.